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Who is a Candidate for Hair Restoration Surgery?

In general, most men and women who are in reasonably good health are candidates for hair restoration surgery; however, each individual has unique needs and goals, and some people may be more ideal for specific procedures than others.

Good candidates for hair transplant surgery typically include:

  • Men suffering from male pattern baldness
    Women suffering from female pattern hair loss
    Individuals with thinning hair
    Individuals who have areas of lost hair due to injury
    Individuals who have an adequate amount of donor hair
    For most patients, hair is taken from the sides or back of the head for transplantation to the thinning/balding areas.

Those who are experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy or other medications are typically not ideal candidates for hair restoration procedures.

It is very important for individuals considering hair transplant surgery to have realistic expectations for results. The nature of your hair loss, the condition of the hair in donor areas, and your overall health will all be taken into account when determining your candidacy for surgery. That being said, the hair restoration techniques available today are much more advanced than they were several years ago.

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  1. Hey I am very interested in hair restoration surgery. I would love to have more info on this. Do you just need one surgery and how long is recovery time? What are the chances that this surgery would work to bring my hair back?

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