Types and Causes of Hair Loss

Sudden Hair Loss

It is normal to lose about 80 to 100 hairs everyday as the same number, or perhaps more hair grows back after some time. However at times, you may find some sudden hair loss on your pillow in the morning and in your comb. There are many causes of hair loss of which the main reasons are genes and stress.

It is the genetic makeup of a person that tends to induce sudden hair loss in a person. Hereditary hair loss tends to fall in gradually, and is usually in large chunks of hair. This hair loss gene can be passed on from either the father or the mother, but research has suggested that it is the genes that come from the mother’s side that has a larger possibility of getting passed on to kids. This fact is yet to be strongly proven.

Other causes of sudden hair loss are psychological stress, stress that induced hormonal changes or imbalance and trauma in the body. It is when these changes in the body are finally normalized that this sudden hair loss tends to stop and growth resumes as usual.

Chemotherapy can induce sudden hair loss

Chemotherapy is another cause of sudden hair loss because of the drugs used in vesting this treatment. It is when a cancer patient undergoes chemotherapy to fight cancer; the treatment gives the side effect of sudden hair loss. It is because the drugs used here attacks healthy hair follicles, and this is how sudden hair loss starts.

However if you suffer from sudden hair loss, don’t take things lightly. Consult your doctor as soon as possible so that you can find out the cause for hair loss. This is because if you are not in any stress and if you are not taking any medication that may indicate sudden hair loss as a side effect, the hair loss can be a sign of a disease.

Blood tests can find out the cause for sudden hair loss

In such situations, your doctor will ask you to do a blood test to find out if you are suffering from an infection, some hormonal problems or if you have any deficiency problems. It is quite natural for you to consider buying and using hair growth products to try and grow hair. However this is not a great idea for treating sudden hair loss as without ascertaining the cause for hair loss, all your hair re-growth effects will be in vain.

Even a change in your diet, where there is no nutritious food can be a cause for sudden hair loss. This is because without the right diet, you will not get the necessary nutrients and vitamins for your body, and your hair. Ensure that you have sufficient amounts of Vitamin A, folic acid, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 and protein for your hair and body to be healthy and vibrant.

With the right diet and on eliminating the cause of your sudden hair loss, you will be able to stop hair loss and start growing hair instead.

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  1. I started a new diet several months ago. In that time, I have noticed that my hair has been thinning. I will not mention the diet, but it is a fad diet that has helped me shed some weight. I guess I should be taking some vitamins to help supplement this, so I can regain the strength in my hair.

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