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Stop Hair Loss with Rosemary Extracts

The loss of self-confidence is the most destructive effect of hair loss. Even the great Julius Caesar had to use a laurel wreath to mask his baldness lest his people should respect him less. True, nothing is more agreeable to saying hair loss is very disagreeable.

But unlike in the ancient times, modern science and nature have blessed us with varied techniques to stop hair loss. Getting to the root of it does not require the help of synthetic-based products. Simple natural solutions can also fit the bill and one of these proven remedies is the use of rosemary extracts.

Traditionally, rosemary has always been used as a medicinal and aromatic herb. It is native to the Mediterranean and widely cultivated in Northern Europe and England to be used as a symbol to commemorate events.

Besides being a hair loss treatment, its other many medicinal uses include the treatment of urinary problems, chronic weakness, nervous disorders and peripheral vascular diseases.

Rosemary is an excellent source of natural antioxidants (rosmarinic acid, carnosic acid, rosmanol, epirosmanol, carnosol). This is why it is considered an alternative to the common synthetic sources of antioxidants.

Therefore, rosemary possesses the potential to stop hair loss as it stimulates the miniaturized hair follicles and thus induces hair growth in premature baldness. Aside from that, it also helps improve hair condition by controlling dandruff and oil production.

Due to rosemary’s powerful antioxidative property, a scalp massage using its oil will improve blood circulation and then, stimulate hair growth. You may also add the oil to your regular shampoo, conditioner, or rinse.

Nonetheless, it is most effective when used in combination with other aromatic essences such as thyme, lavender, cedarwood and jojoba. As a matter of fact, this combination is a good treatment technique for alopecia areata, a condition which is characterized by patchy hair loss.

In addition to using rosemary extracts, on the other hand, you should also keep a balanced diet, maintain an active lifestyle, drink plenty of water, and reduce your stress levels to form part of your overall regimen since they are just similarly important to using the right kind of treatment to stop hair loss.

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  1. I am curious as to how to use rosemary to stop hair loss. Do I just add some rosemary essential oil into my shampoo? Or do I rub some on my hair and leave on for an extended amount of time? How many times per week would I have to apply this essential oil?

  2. I do love the oil rosemary and use it daily as I meditate as well and help others with self-help. Rosemary if I am not mistaken also comes along into the omega 3-rich oils.

    I did enjoy reading this article and never knew you could use it for your hair in this kind of way. Rosemary is a culinary and healing herb. This woody perennial is local to the Mediterranean area, where it’s been utilized as sustenance and prescription for a considerable length of time.

    Much like oregano, peppermint, and cinnamon, rosemary is regularly found in basic oil shape. Basic oils are very thought and refined concentrates of unstable plant mixes. These are utilized for cooking, cleaning, excellence, well-being, and different purposes.

    I know a lot about this oil so that’s why I have some good knowledge about it.

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