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DHT is a damaging hormone to the hair follicles

To prevent severe baldness, it is necessary to take proactive actions once you notice you are suffering from thinning hair.  Statistics show that males are indeed the number one target of this condition, although women are also bothered by alopecia (hair loss) at some point in their life. There are many hair care experts who say that to stop hair loss is to inhibit the production of the hormone dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This hormone is scientifically proven to be the main culprit of genetic balding or also known as male and female pattern baldness. DHT is a derivative or by-product of the male hormone testosterone that is converted with the interaction of the 5 alpha reductase enzymes.

DHT is a damaging hormone to the hair follicles, which gradually degrades the follicles’ ability to produce more healthy thick hair, leading to a permanent pattern hair loss or androgenic alopecia. A type of hair loss like androgenic alopecia is very distinct as it shows a distinctive pattern on men’s head. The receding hairline at the front which progressively displays a rim or “M” shape and the very blatant bald spot at the top of the head are just the two visible shapes that can be easily manifested and observed on the head of men with male pattern baldness.

Hair loss sufferers, most especially the men with androgenic alopecia, are typically treated with hair loss products consisting of DHT inhibitors. A DHT inhibitor can either be in a form of a topical solution of medication. Topical solutions are said to accurately stop hair loss in both sexes but in different levels of concentrations, depending on the severity of the loss though. Treatment products that boost with natural and organic chemicals as DHT inhibitors are highly recognized by countless experts as efficacious DHT inhibitors in the scalp.

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  1. I am a huge advocate of using herbal remedies for any issue that one has, no matter if it is for the skin or the hair or the body. I have been taking saw palmetto for a bit now for other reasons, but I will tell you that I have not had any issue with thinning hair or loosing my hair.

  2. I love using herbal remedies for everything. This includes my hair. I think that herbal remedies work better then anything. I have used many different things in my hair, from essential oils to taking herbal remedies orally. And guess what….so far my hair is not thinning!

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