Types and Causes of Hair Loss

Signs of Ageing Hair

We all grow old in due time. It’s a law of nature. Yet as we do, so does our hair. An ageing hair is often a sign of weak follicles caused, in turn, by genetics, stress, hormone activity, mechanical causes, etc.

It is easy to spot an ageing hair. Find out the three most noticeable signs of ageing hair.

1. Greying Hair

According to Gerald Weissmann, MD, “All of our hair cells make a tiny bit of hydrogen peroxide, but as we get older, this little bit becomes a lot. True enough, the hair turns grey because of the massive hydrogen peroxide taking place. Hydrogen peroxide inhibits melanin, the natural pigment of our hair, synthesis. This is because the follicles begin to wear out – hence, the grey hairs beginning to sprout.

2. Thinning Hair

We all are born with over a hundred thousand hair follicles in our head. Overtime, the strength of these hair follicles weaken, therefore the quality of the hair produced in the process are similarly weak and thinner.

In essence, thinning hair is another result of failing hair follicles. The loss of hair density creates the appearance of sparse mane. In turn, it makes one appear weakened and aged.

3. Poor Hair Growth

Every month, hair grows for about 1/2 inch – that’s about 6 inches in just a year. However, with an ageing hair, the hair follicles in the anagen or growth phase, begin to slack off. Studies have shown that the hair grows fastest between the ages of 15 and 30. By the time a person reaches about 40, hair growth can decrease slightly.

Along with poor hair growth however, is usually alopecia or hair loss, hence contributing to the sparse-mane appearance.

It is worth mentioning that the natural ageing process is the not the only reason the hair ages. It can also be a result of the excessive and harsh hair styling rituals and lack of proper care itself. When the hair is damaged beyond repair, it dies away for good. So, as young as you are now, you should take good care of your hair and avoid being too abusive with it, that is if you don’t want to have a prematurely aged hair.

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