Hair Loss in Women

The two most damaging hair products are hair dyes and perms

Women are always of the habit of using and trying out the latest hair care products released and available in the market. However it is not always that advisable to change hair products too frequently as this can lead to temporary hair thinning and female hair loss.

The reason women use these hair loss treatments is because these products provide them with various benefits for healthy hair. However in the process, they also cause damage to hair strands and induce hair loss if used too much and in large amounts.

So to avoid hair damage and to regrow thinning hair, it is better to avoid products that tend to cause the most damage to your hair. Though many products can lead to some form of hair thinning and hair loss, the two most damaging hair products are hair dyes and perms.

Dye only when necessary

It is the harsh chemicals found in hair dyes that cause sever effects to your hair. They dry hair strands to give split ends and in the end, leads to hair loss. So don’t use hair dye unless obviously necessary.

There are people who use hair dyes for the sake of camouflaging their graying hair, and others who dye their hair to look trendy. Looking trendy is not exactly a reason to lose your hair; so just stop using hair dyes and you will see lots of new hair regrowth in your scalp.

Perming can lead to thinning hair

Perms also cause hair loss in many people. The loss is more obvious if the hair wasn’t in good condition while getting permed. Moreover, if the person who is perming your hair is not an experienced person, there is a higher possibility of you ending up with hair loss and thinning hair.

It is when the solution is left on the hair for too long during a perm that hair loss takes place. Even if too much of the solution is used and when the chemicals found in the perm solution is too strong for your hair type that you find your hair thinning and you experience hair loss.

Short hair style helps regrow thinning hair

Besides these common hair loss culprits, too much use of styling tools like hair sprays, holding crèmes and styling gels can lead to hair loss. Excessive use of these products, letting them stand on your hair for too long and frequent use of these products can all lead to thinning hair with dried and weakened hair strands.

So to stop all this damage of these products, you have to stop using the product immediately. Only after this should you concentrate on hair repair and to regrow thinning hair. Your hair stylist is the best person to guide you to regrow thinning hair after examining your hair. They will give you tips to strengthen your hair, promote hair growth and most important, to stop any more hair loss.
If you don’t mind cutting your hair, cutting your hair to a shorter style helps to regrow thinning hair as these cuts remove damaged parts of your hair and reduces the weight of dead hair that can lead to long time shedding.

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  1. I remember when I was a teenager, perming was the thing to do. I permed my hair several times. I did noticed that after having several perms, my hair was not as thick as it once was. I wish that I would have never permed my hair, as it did lead to some extensive damage.

  2. Oh dear I will after warn my partner about dying hair as she always does this thank you for the article. The thing is she doesn’t perm but she does dye her hair a lot. I will after show her this article as she won’t believe me until she reads it her self. Thank you for the relative information you always give and I understand all of it. Can I just say as well someone told me Coconut is good for regrow thinning hair is this true, I do know supplements work and also try keeping stress levels down.
    Also, as well as essential oils and try work more on dandruff for those who suffer from this problem.

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