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Hair loss is something that is difficult to handle; but is something that affects more than 50% of men all over the world. Men between the ages of 20 – 40 may suffer from hair loss, and perhaps balding (called male pattern baldness), at some time or other in their lives. Though women too suffer from hair loss, it is not so prevalent in society, and women seldom do go bald.

Hair loss has to be treated through restoration, where there are many options for you to choose from. Though there are some great drugs, holistic hair restoration techniques and wigs that can be used to treat hair loss, the best option is usually medical hair restoration.

Medical hair restoration is also called hair transplants, and is effective in treating hair loss in both men and women. In fact, to many, this is the best means of getting all the hair that you have already lost.

Medical hair restoration makes hair loss invisible

Though drugs like Propecia and Rogaine are used for treating hair loss, its results are slow while the results of medical hair restoration are much faster. With medical hair restoration, no one will know that you are suffering from hair loss as the treatment cannot be detected on its completion, and the healing up of the transplant area.

Medical hair restoration starts with a consultation with your surgeon, who will examine your healthy hair found on the back and sides of your head to ensure that you have sufficient hair to make the medical hair restoration procedure successful. So the more hair you actually have remaining on your head, the more successful will the medical hair restoration process be.

If the surgeon thinks that you are a good candidate for medical hair restoration, then the surgeon will take hair follicles, with tissue from the healthy portions of your head. These hair follicles are then grafted on the bald sections of your head. It is by placing the grafts at different angles that the surgeon will be able to create a natural looking mane of hair for you.

It is better to use medical hair restoration at the start of baldness

Instead of considering medical hair restoration when you are completely bald or close to getting bald, it is better to consider it when hair loss is obvious. So long as your hair loss is not due to chemotherapy or any form of non-natural causes, medical hair restoration is really effective in curbing the effects of hair loss.

After the medical hair restoration is completed, you will be prescribed some hair loss treatment drugs to prevent you from suffering from another bout of hair loss. Though medical hair restoration costs prove to be really high, this procedure is the most effective and successful option for treating hair loss.

Today, hair restoration is a huge business in the world as more and more people are placing emphasis on controlling the aging process so that they look younger. And as medical hair restoration is considered to be a surefire means of controlling and stopping hair loss, it is the best option to choose for treating your hair loss problem.

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