Hair Transplant

Choose a reputed surgeon for a hair transplant

Hair transplantation is resorted to in extreme and continuous cases of hair loss. This is a surgical technique where lost hair is replaced with your own natural and living hair found in the healthy areas of your scalp. Here you don’t actually increase the total number of hair on your scalp, but only work at rearranging the location of the hair to improve your appearance.

Hair transplants are permanent processes which cannot be revered and transplanted follicles cannot be moved from one place to another. This is why it is important that the doctor first evaluates the patient and the hair loss condition to find out which follicles can be replaced, and where they can be implanted before performing the hair transplant.

Choose a reputed surgeon for a hair transplant

An important point to remember in a hair transplant is that it is important that the follicles are implanted well. Using the wrong techniques can lead to a permanent loss of the follicles; and this is why it is important that you choose a capable and reputed surgeon for your hair transplants.

A hair transplant is rather expensive; however remember that though expensive, hair transplants offer a permanent solution for your hair loss problem. Though medical treatment for hair loss looks to be cheaper, when you calculate all the money that has to be spent for the complete treatment, which works out for a long period, turns out to be somewhat equivalent to a hair transplant cost.

Hair transplants do not have any insurance coverage

Hair transplants do not have any insurance coverage as this is a cosmetic surgery. It is only if you have to do a hair transplant because of an accident or a burn that it is considered to be a form of reconstructive surgery, and will have health insurance coverage. Just check with your insurance agent regarding availability of coverage for hair transplants and find out if your premium amount is increased accordingly.

The cost of hair restoration depends on various factors like the clinic you choose and its locality. Some clinics that charge for each graft implantation while others charge even for anesthesia charges. There are two approaches used by clinics to calculate the costs of hair transplants; cost per follicular unit transplanted and cost per hair restoration operation.

Factors affecting costs of hair transplants

In case of cost per follicular unit transplanted, the more grafts required, the more expensive is the operation. Naturally, the cost per hair restoration operation is reasonable as you are charged only for complete hair transplant surgery and this is the approach used by most clinics.

There are various reasons for the difference in costs for hair transplants in various clinics. It can be the reputation of the surgeon, the amount of advertising for the clinic, maintenance of the clinic and the number of employees employed in the clinic.

So it is always better to do a complete study of the process of hair transplants, and to compare costs of hair transplants of different clinics before you finally decide on the best surgeon and clinic for your hair transplant.

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