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Hair Restoration

Hair loss is something that is inevitable in both men and women. Men tend to lose hair between the ages of 20 – 40 and women, around the age of 40. There are many causes for hair loss, where the most common reason is hormonal changes in the body. Once you start losing hair, you have to consider hair restoration to re-grow your hair.

Today, medical hair restoration is available in two categories. The first option is using drugs for hair restoration and the second option lies in using clinical procedures for treating hair loss. There are many hair loss restoration medicines available, which have been approved by FDA for use in treating male and female pattern baldness.

Drugs used for hair restoration

The most famous drugs are Minoxidil and Finasteride which are available anywhere, over the counter. The clinical hair restoration procedures are hair transplant surgeries, which are advised when it is not possible to restore hair using only drugs.

The concept of using hair restoration surgery for hair restoration lies in the transplanting of hair from permanent hair bearing regions of balding people (the donor area) to the bald or balding areas of the scalp, the recipient area.

After hair restoration, there may be some initial hair fall after which the transplanted hair regrows for as long as it would have grown in the donor’s area. This hair also has the same color and characteristics of the other hair in the donor area.

Different regions for hair restoration surgery

In hair restoration surgery, one of these three areas can be treated in a session. The first area is the frontal area from the hairline to a vertical line from the ears and the second region is the mid-scalp area that extends from this same balding area to the point on the scalp where the head changes from a horizontal position on the ground to a vertical position.

The third region is from the vertex area, or the balding area, to the furthest balding area on the scalp. The doctor will decide on which area to tackle first, based on the extent and type of male pattern baldness or female baldness you are suffering from. It is comforting for women to learn that women rarely go bald; they usually suffer from some hair loss, and thinning of hair.

Find out more about hair restoration costs

If you have to undergo hair restoration surgery, you will definitely be worried about hair restoration costs. This is why it is better to find out what you can about the type of surgery you will be going through, and the cost for the procedure before deciding on the surgery.

This information is not only available from your doctor; you can also get lots of information about the hair restoration costs and techniques through the internet. Basically, the cost for the surgery depends on various factors like your past medical history, the extent of hair loss you are suffering from and the number of sessions required for hair restoration.

Three types of hair transplants

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