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Simple Techniques of Hair Regrowth

To a person who has lost lots of hair, it is quite natural for them to want to find a means of regrowing their crowning glory. However not everyone is able to spend so much money for hair transplants or any other surgery promoting hair regrowth.

So to help these people regrow hair, without spending lots of money in the process, there are some baldness remedies and techniques that give you great results when implemented in your day to day routines.

These techniques are so easy to perform, there is no need of your spending time doing some weird exercise, or taking countless pills and hair regrowth products. Not only are these pills and products a waste of money, they are no more effective in regrowing hair than these simple and inexpensive techniques.

15 minutes is all that is required for hair regrowth

Scalp massage is that is effective in hair regrowth, and something you should be well aware of. Though this seems to be a basic and easy to do process, it gives you some of the best results in re-growing hair. All you have to do is a minimum of 15 minutes of scalp massage per day for faster circulation of blood throughout your scalp.

With this scalp massage, your hair follicles receive all the nutrients found in your blood. And it is these nutrients that help in producing healthier and better hair for you. In the absence of a scalp massage, your follicles are starved of its required nutrients, and this is what hampers you from growing the hair you were looking for.

In addition to having a regular scalp massage, you have to pay emphasis on what you eat to regrow hair. This is because your hair is basically what you eat, and grows according to what you eat.

Eat more herbs for healthy hair

There is no need of making any drastic changes to your diet to have a healthy mane of hair. All you have to do are small changes to your daily diet like eating some herbs and minerals that your diet lacked in before. Some great food options you have for a healthy diet are pumpkin see, iron, biotin, magnesium, ginkgo biloba, zinc and stinging nettle.

In addition to all this, to stop hair loss and regrow hair, you have to first find out what it is that is exactly causing your hair to fall out. Though most people think and believe heredity is the main reason for hair loss, this is not always true.

Stress and some drugs prohibit hair regrowth

It has been proven through research that in many cases, the cause for hair loss is a hormone, dihydrotestosterone. This hormone binds to hair follicle cells and stays attached there till your hair is weak and dies. The remedy here is to block the hormone, which is possible in many ways.

However the cheapest means of doing so is to take saw palmetto extract as a part of your daily supplement regime. Once you find out if there are any other reasons for your hair loss like stress and some drugs, elimination of the reason can lead to hair regrowth and a stop to hair fall. Once you adopt all these easy hair regrowth measures, you will see a reduction in hair fall, and an increase in hair regrowth.

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  1. The main thing I worry about with loss of hair is the people around me maybe they would look at me differently or judge me. Think this can play on everyone’s mind at some point as the way you look can strike on your confidence. If you don’t feel you look the part say with even hair loss you worry about your looks and how others see you.

    Like you say as well healthy eating and lack of stress, which recently I noticed my hair feels a little bit different. I have read a lot of your articles and gained some valuable and useful information from them. So would like to thank you for such a brilliant site you have here.

  2. I think that adding certain vitamins and minerals to my diet has really helped me out greatly. I have people in my family that started balding early in life. I however have always been one to take supplements to protect my body, including my hair. I must say that I have not had any issues with hair loss.

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