Hair Loss: Inherited from Mother or Fathers Side?

It's an enduring and common misconception among patients that Male Pattern Baldness is 'inherited from the mother's side'.

Well, that statement is neither right nor wrong. Male Pattern Baldness can be inherited from the mother's side. But it can also be inherited from the father's side.

Despite the universal interest in the genetics of Male Pattern Baldness, there is a surprisingly small number of scientific studies in regards to the genetics of Male Pattern Baldness and there is only one known extensive family study on Male Pattern Baldness. This study of hair growth patterns in 22 families concluded that common pattern baldness was an autosomal dominant phenotype in men and an autosomal recessive phenotype in women.

However, the validity of these results are controversial because of a lack of details regarding examination methods and sampling errors of this study, which was published in 1916.

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