Hair Loss in Women

Hair Loss After Pregnancy

If it is your first pregnancy, you are sure to be worried about the hair loss you go through. However instead of worrying too much about this, remember that hair loss and pregnancy are related to each other and that this is a temporary situation that will stop after some time.

It is the hormones that are released during pregnancy that brings about changes in your hair and skin. These hormones are actually released to help the baby, but can also make hair remain on your scalp for a longer time than usual.

Basically, there are two stages of hair on a human being’s scalp where 90% of the hair is in the growth stage and the remaining 10%, in the resting stage. Hair tends to stay in this position for three months, and at the end of the resting stage, hair tends to fall off and give rise to new hair growth in its place.

Estrogen hormones slows down hair growth

During pregnancy, the estrogenic hormones released then tend to slow down the growth of hair. With this, the hair that reaches the resting stage reaches it at a slow rate while new hair continues to grow. With this, the pregnant woman tends to have more hair than she normally has, and thus she has thicker and better hair.

However once the baby is born, the hormone levels in the body tend to return to normal levels. This is a process that usually takes about three months’ time, and if a woman is to experience any form of hair loss after pregnancy, it will only be when the hormone levels return to normal levels.

There is no fixed norm for pregnancy and hair loss as hair loss starts at different times in different women. In some women, they will experience only the loss of a few strands of hair while other women will lose clumps of hair at a time. Losing so much hair can be rather stressful to a new mother, who is already stressed with her delivery.

Oil massages help you control hair loss

However as the loss of hair in pregnancy are due to changes in hormone levels, this hair loss sorts itself after the delivery. And if you are worried about losing your looks with this hair loss after pregnancy, you have to consult your stylist to get the right hairstyle with your thinning hair.

In addition to this, taking some care of yourself after your delivery will lead to some moderation of this hair loss. Instead of fighting with the hair loss, try coping with the loss.

Having regular oil massages on the scalp helps with stopping hair loss. Try different oils for your head massage, and after the massage, relax while giving your scalp a steam with a warm towel. This greatly helps reduce hair loss after pregnancy.

Follow a nutritious diet during pregnancy and after delivery

Not eating nutritious food and suffering from morning sickness can lead to more hair loss after pregnancy. This is the reason why pregnant women have to have a healthy and balanced diet.

It is better to use mild shampoos, avoid combing hair, avoid chemicals, dryers and color and to consult your stylist before trying out any hair products if you lose hair during pregnancy. Don’t worry, you will regain your hair after some time, after all your stress and hassles of your pregnancy and delivery are taken care of.

Hair Loss in Women

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  1. I agree completely that when I was pregnant, my hair was in the best shape that it ever has been. It was thick and pretty amazing in my opinion. After Sophie was born, my hair loss started. My hair does not bother me now as it went back to how it once was, but it sure was nice to have that thicker hair for once!

  2. Also, the main thing when a woman is pregnant they have to be careful as they can’t take certain treatments. Well am no expert but when my partner was pregnant I was there at every appointment and the main thing she was worried about was her as well.

    Because even the main doctor we saw from time to time mentioned about hair loss, mentioned about an increasing number of hairs go into resting phase. He did say it was not serious and things should start to get better and diminish after maybe 3 to 4 months after the delivery.

  3. One thing that got my hair back to normal was weekly use of coconut oil. I applied a liberal amount to my hair and scalp and let that sit on for about an hour before I shampooed. My hair looked great after a few treatments. And my hair got thicker and grew!

  4. I have been using hot oil treatments for about two years now. I do feel that this really helps my hair out greatly. My hair did not fall out after I had my son like some had warned. Possibly due to this, but I am not really sure. Just know that I am not going to stop doing it as I want my hair to be the fullest it can be.

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