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Everything You Should Learn About Scalp Aging Problem

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Aging is a common problem among people. Although it is unstoppable, most still look for means in order to slow it down as much as possible. It can be devastating to know that you will no longer appear as you wanted to be. However, it is the reality of life.

Indeed, there is no inhibition to aging. Still, you have the chance to reduce its progress while you can. You simply have to remember that you will still end up aged as you mature. Among the common issues people encounter today is aging scalp.

You may not know it but your scalp is actually suffering from aging. In order to take action right away, you should start learning about the issue. Given below are its details:

What Is Scalp Aging?

The problem is considered to be among signs of aging body. It is characterized by your scalp becoming thinner. Moreover, scalp aging may also result to elasticity loss. This is brought by the degradation of blood vessels found in the dermis layer of your scalp.

You can also anticipate the problem to cause color loss in your hair. As it gets worse, your scalp will also have fewer hair follicles. Truth to be told, it can also cause baldness.

Do you know that the scalp is the fastest aging part of the body? To be specific, it ages six times faster than the skin on your face. Alternatively, it matures 12 times faster than the rest of your body skin.

Explaining Hair Color and Thickness Changes Alongside Scalp Aging

As mentioned above, if you will suffer from scalp aging, the color of your hair will also change. This is one of the obvious signs of aging. First, you must learn that the hue of your hair comes from melanin, which is produced by the follicles in your scalp.

Hair follicles are responsible for growing and producing hair. As you age, less melanin will be produced by your melanin. This is when graying of hair takes place. There are cases that changes in hair color may take place even in people in their 20s. However, it is common among people in their 30s.

Graying begins at the temples. Afterward, thinning of hair will continue to the scalp’s top area. Eventually, your hair will become lighter or whiter in color.

Apart from your scalp, aging also associates graying of your facial and body hair. Graying of your hair is largely based on heredity and genes as well. There are people who suffer from gray hair faster than the others, which include Westerners. It must also be clear that products or treatment will not be able to put a halt on your graying hair.

Besides hair color change, your scalp aging may also be paired with thinning of your hair. Primarily, you must know that protein strands make up your hair. As your scalp ages, the strands will have lesser pigment and become smaller.

The problem may be different between men and women. Commonly, men are nearly bald by the time they are 60 years old. Males also suffer from hair thinning more extensively compared to women due to testosterone, which is related to male-pattern baldness.

Top Possible Causes of Your Scalp Aging

There are several reasons why your scalp is aging. First, you are undergoing the normal process of maturity. In addition, there is a possibility of going through the problem if your collagen levels decrease, which are essential in sustaining a youthful scalp.

Furthermore, poor blood circulation, which is crucial in skin maintenance, may also cause scalp aging. If you follow a sedentary lifestyle, you are more prone to scalp aging since you are not getting sufficient supply of nutrients. If you have issues with your liver and kidney, you are more likely prone to scalp aging.

What You Can to Address Scalp Aging Effectively

There are various ways for you to get rid of your scalp aging problem. Be reminded that it is simply about taking care of your body that will save you from future issues. If you are willing to slow down your scalp aging and its associated changes, given below are the things you can do:

Take Omega Supplements. You should consider taking flax seed for this step. There are various reasons why the herb is an excellent solution for maintaining a healthy scalp and hair. First, it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins, which are important in encouraging a healthier growth of hair.

Moreover, the omega solution will keep your scalp from developing scales or drying. The fatty acids found in flax seeds will increase the elasticity of your hair to avoid breakage. Furthermore, the nutrients found in the herb will keep your scalp from a variety of skin conditions, such as dandruff.

It is also ideal to have flax seed in your diet since it will maintain your good health condition. Consequently, you will be able to absorb more nutrients. It has good insoluble and soluble fiber components, which will sustain your gut’s wellness. With a healthier physique, you will be able to keep a healthier scalp as well.

You can consume flax seeds the easy way, such as by roasting them in an oven or pan for approximately five minutes. This will make the herb easier to chew. Besides, this mode of preparation will avoid anti-nutrients in the seeds.

Get Rid of Harsh Shampoo. If you are willing to free your scalp from damage or aging, you should also eliminate the use of harsh shampoo. Normally, chemical-filled solutions will only strip away the natural oils from your scalp. This also means that the protection of your head skin will be removed, making it extra exposed to harmful constituents. Irritation will likely follow and aging is highly possible to commence.

As much as possible, you should search for a shampoo that is free from alcohol and sulfate. If you can, you should look for shampoos that are rich in soothing components and herbal ingredients. To soothe your scalp, you may try out aloe and rosemary mixtures.

Treat Your Scalp With Emu Oil. Instead of relying on clinic treatments in order to bring back the youthfulness of your scalp, you should try massaging it with essential oils. Emu oil is one of the trusted hair and scalp solutions present today.

Since it is a natural substance, you do not have to worry about side effects or further aging problems. The main purpose of the essential oil is to get rid of your scalp’s inflammation. Additionally, emu oil also has non-comedogenic properties, which implies that it does not cause clogging of pores.

With the aid of the constituents found in the essential oil, you will be able to reduce harmful elements that may hamper healthy scalp and hair growth. Whenever you apply it on your scalp, you will commend it for eliminating the greasy feeling.

It absorbs well into your scalp since it is also an impressive emulsifier. There are people who even pair it with other hair loss solutions. It is found out that it can actually intensify the effects of your treatment.

Replenish the Moisture of Your Scalp. It is important to bring back the natural moisture of your scalp. You do not necessarily have to visit the spa regularly in order to enhance your scalp’s blood circulation. You simply have to find natural mixtures that you may use to massage your scalp.

For instance, you can find treatment gels with collagen, passionfruit, and tangerine. The said ingredients are known for erasing the wrinkles and fine lines on your scalp. Additionally, it also gets rid of the skin damages.

If you want to get rid of your scalp’s dryness, you should try using angelica hydrolyzed yeast and licorice. Besides sustaining the moisture of your scalp, the said essentials are known for providing elasticity.

To get the most out of moisturizing your scalp, you should apply your treatment after every shampoo. In case you are not certain on a combination of treatments for your scalp dryness, you may ask for assistance from a dermatologist.

Use Sun Protection. It may be surprising but your scalp also requires protection from the harmful rays of the sun. You should try following up your hair shampoo, massage treatment, and exfoliation with a protection against solar heat.

Treat Your Existing Scalp Condition. If you want to succeed in slowing down scalp aging, you should seek treatment for your present skin conditions. For instance, you have seborrheic dermatitis, you should address it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the dryness and scales development on your scalp may worsen. Also, it causes too much grease.

Be reminded that your scalp is more prone to aging when its condition is not treated accordingly. If you are not aware of your current ailment, you should undergo diagnosis first to find out the best and safest solution.

With the given facts about scalp aging, you will be able to find means in order to handle the problem. As mentioned earlier, you cannot stop your scalp from maturing due to old age. You only have the aforementioned steps in order to sustain its youthfulness as long as possible.

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  1. My scalp always gets burnt. I am very fair complected and have blond hair. Is there a sunscreen that I can buy for my hair and scalp to help with this issue? I really do not want to be using regular sunscreen as then my hair will be oily. I was thinking maybe a spray SPF for my hair.

  2. Most time my scalp gets itchy especially when it’s warm out. But yeah I do try to get take more Omega Supplements. Already got rid of harsh shampoo a few weeks back but a good point as I do feel say for example cheap shampoo is not a good shampoo to use I go for the much higher products as they work more effectively.

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