Types and Causes of Hair Loss

Alopecia Universalis

Alopecia universalis is the most severe form of alopecia areata, where there is rapid loss of hair, including the eyelashes and eyebrows. It can happen to anyone at any age, and is considered to be an autoimmune disorder.

People suffering from alopecia universalis are basically healthy, but have a tendency of suffering from some thyroid disease and vitiligo, than normal people. Vice versa, those suffering from vitiligo, which is a condition where the patient experiences patchy loss of skin color, may also suffer from alopecia universalis after some time.

Those suffering from alopecia universalis are generally born with some hair, but tend to lose it very quickly. The reason they are born with this trait is because alopecia universalis is a disorder that is inherited as an autosomal recessive trait. It is the mutation of the gene called HR in the chromosome band 8p21.2 that is considered to be the human version of the gene that is responsible for hairless mice.

Genetic tendency is the main cause for alopecia universalis

There are no other contributing causes found out so far for alopecia universalis, besides genetic tendencies. So a person who is born with the disorder has to be careful to protect themselves from the sun, bacteria and other harmful elements. The scalp, nasal cavity and eyes are the parts that have to be well protected in people suffering from alopecia universalis.

There is no actual cure for alopecia universalis; so beware of companies that claim that they can re-grow hair for people suffering from the disorder. There are many companies that even place photographs on their website for proof on their being able to re-grow your hair for you. the chances of any of these treatments working is actually, a million to one.

Topical Immunotherapy is the best treatment for alopecia universalis

There are some people who claim and swear that aromatherapy is effective in treating alopecia universalis; however there is nothing to prove or support this. The basic treatment that is used to treat alopecia universalis is Topical Immunotherapy where allergic reactions are produced on the placing of irritants on the skin.

The theory for this treatment option is that hair can be stimulated into growth hormones by irritating hair follicles. Usually chemicals like Diphencyprone or Squaric acid Dibutyl ester are applied to the scalp where after six months of the treatment, more than 40% of the patients tend to re-grow scalp hair.

Wigs are best for camouflaging alopecia universalis

This treatment has to be continued for some time to maintain hair growth, or until the disease has completed its course. These treatment options are not available in the United States, but are used extensively in Canada and Europe.

With the few treatment options available to treat alopecia universalis, the best choice for those suffering from the condition would be a wig. There are some great wigs that fit so well on your scalp, that no one will know you are wearing a wig.

Just ensure that the provider you choose can cut, thin and style the wig for you, and provides you with extra adhesives to use for your more active days. There are more expensive wigs with suction caps that fit directly to the wig, which are worth the investment.

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  1. Hello. My friend suffers from this condition and has not no luck with essential oils. She does wear a wig now, but it is poor fitting. Do you have any recommendations on where she could find a great wig that actually looks like her natural hair, as many of the ones she has had are all just awful looking.

  2. I also have a dear friend of mine who suffers from Alopecia Universalis. It as caused her a lot of stress which as left her emotionally drained in her self as well.

    Alopecia universalis is a condition described by the entire loss of hair on the scalp and body. It is a propeller type of alopecia areata, a condition that causes round patches of balding. She has had this for over 6 year’s now and she is very depressed.

    She had a wig on Amazon but like you say Marva hers as well doesn’t look to suit her. So I also wouldn’t mind finding a place where she can get that natural look.

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