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How Effective Is Raspberry Ketones and Fisetin for Hair Growth

It was only recently when scientists found out that Raspberry Ketones is an effective treatment for hair loss. Before jumping into the nuts and bolts of how Raspberry Ketones can treat baldness, why not applaud it first for the ton of health benefits that it offers. For one thing, Raspberry Ketones is a popular supplement for belly fat busting. Apart from that, it is also proven to help burn fats.

The news that Raspberry Ketones can treat hair loss isn’t just news. It’s good news. Name someone you know that has no sign of hair fall. Finding one person that doesn’t have hair fall is nearly impossible. Hair fall has become so typical in the world that scientists are so focused on finding a treatment for it. Notice how rampant are the hair treatments in the market, all promising to reduce hair fall. The sad truth is that none of them seems to work. That was until scientists discovered Raspberry Ketones efficacy in curing hair fall.

What Is Raspberry Ketones?

You’ll find Raspberry Ketones in red raspberries, but you can also found them in other fruits such as strawberries, cranberries, blackberries, kiwi, and much more.

Raspberry Ketones has been echoing in the health industry for quite some time due to its health benefits, especially its ability to assist weight loss. It also resembles chili pepper’s most active component which is capsaicin.

What Can Raspberry Ketones Do for Your Hair?

Lots of people have gotten pretty excited when they first found out how Raspberry Ketones can help them reduce weight, but just recently, it was discovered that Raspberry Ketones could do much more than getting rid of belly fat. It can also treat hair fall if used topically. You’ll find loads of advantages from using Raspberry Ketone. These are:

• Growth of healthy strands of hair
• It can cure alopecia areata
• It can potently treat baldness

Based on a Japanese research, if you use Raspberry Ketones consistently for two months, you’ll see 50% hair growth for people who are bald or have hair fall problems. Researchers were led to the conclusion that ketone content of raspberry extracts can reactivate the dormant hair follicles in the scalp, which can boost hair growth dramatically. They also concluded that the substance of raspberry has the potential to treat baldness as well as prevent it from occurring permanently.

What Is In Raspberry Ketones That Makes It So Effective For Hair Growth?

The secret lies in capsaicin, which is a component found in chili peppers. When people eat chili peppers, they are given some burning sensation. The burning sensation you get when eating chili peppers can be called IGF-1 in scientific terms. IGF-1 resembles insulin, which is a growth factor.

So, what does that have anything to do with hair growth? When you take Raspberry Ketone, IGF-1 is added to the dermal layer, which results in hair growth, whether you are bald or not.

What Is Fisetin?

Raspberry Ketones isn’t the only one that can treat hair fall. Fisetin is another substance that can lead to the same results. If you think that Raspberry Ketones and Fisetin are two completely different substances, then you’re missing out. The two substances might be different, but they both came from the same fruit family. If Raspberry Ketones came from raspberry, then where is Fisetin extracted from? It came from strawberry.

What led researchers to this discovery about hair growth? One day researchers found a positive correlation going on between mental functioning and strawberry consumption. When they tried to figure out why that is so, they realized that strawberry has a high volume of flavonoid known as Fisetin. Fisetin can cross the blood-brain barrier, which experts suggest is the reason why if it offers so many health benefits for the brain.

You’ll find Fisetin in many fruits. Studies show that to achieve the kind of health benefits that animals get from Fisetin, and then you need to eat at least 37 strawberries each day. There are so many health benefits which you can get by taking Fisetin. A few of them are a potent treatment for cancer, a cure for depression, much more. Apart from that, Fisetin also assists anti-inflammation.


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