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Viviscal Extra-Strength Hair Nutrient Tablets Review

Viviscal is a product of Lifes2good. It is an anti-hair loss supplement that they claim to be 100 percent drug-free. The company takes pride of the five clinical trials that can prove the efficiency of the product.
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It is also believed that this dietary supplement nourishes thinning hair and promotes hair growth from the inside. It is because it contains anti-hair loss ingredients like biotin, vitamin C, zinc, horsetail extract, and AminoMar. The inclusion of AminoMar in this dietary supplement seems to be the product’s value proposition.

Product Components

Just like the other anti-hair loss products, this dietary supplement contains usual ingredients that promote hair growth.

  • Biotin- This anti-hair loss supplement contains 120 mg biotin, which is essential for hair repair and hair strengthening.
  • Acerola cherry extract- It comprised the 120 mg of the dietary supplement which is also rich in vitamin C.
  • Horsetail extract- Many believes that a horsetail extract supports hair growth. However, no study can prove this claim. It makes up the 36.7 mg of the supplement’s weight.

Other than the ingredients mentioned, Viviscal Extra Strength supplement also contains the following:

  • 7 mg Silica
  • 10 mg Iron
  • 11 mg Zinc
  • 05 mg Millet seed extract
  • 12 mg Niacinamide
  • Natural orange flavor
  • Microcrystalline cellulose
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Hypromellose
  • Glycerol

The company is proud of the supplement’s main ingredient which is the AminoMar. AminoMar. This is known as a marine complex consists of protein molecules from fish and shellfish. A professor from Scandinavia discovered it. The professor noticed that Inuit have great hair due to their fish and shellfish diet. The source of AminoMar in this product is shark cartilage, mollusk powder, and oyster meat.

Does The Product Work?

Hair loss happens when there is lack of essential nutrients in one’s diet. It is also due to some factors like stress, hair styling, hormonal changes, age, and genes. Viviscal is created to supply the necessary nutrients which are essential to the hair which is lacking in the body.

This dietary supplement aims to prolong the growing stage of hair called the Anagen phase.The manufacturers claim that their product can nourish the hair in every stage of hair’s growth cycle.

How does the product work according to the manufacturers?

Stage 1: The product nourishes the hair.

Stage 2: The product strengthens and stimulates existing hair growth.

Stage 3: The product stimulates the growth of hair that has stopped from growing.

Stage 4: You will see that your hair has become vibrant and healthy.

For this reason, you will have to expect at least four to six months to see the effect of Viviscal. One bottle contains 60 capsules in which you have to take twice daily after a meal. According to the manufacturer, people of all hair types and gender can use the product.

Does It Have Any Side Effect?

The manufacturer did not reveal the adverse effects of their product, but they only warned people for possible allergy because of fish and shellfish. However, based on customer reviews, there are other possible side effects in this product. Some users claimed that they had an upset stomach since they consume the product and some experienced undesired hair growth in some body parts.

The Price

Based on customer reviews and rate of product’s efficiency to users, the price of the product for a month of supply is too high. However, the price becomes cheaper if you will order for a three-month supply.

Customer Reviews

It is evident on the manufacturer’s website that there are no negative reviews presented about this dietary supplement. In fact, you would not even see a star rating of 1 to 4 from the several first pages of the reviews from their website. It is unknown if anyone has given them 1 to a 4-star rating. However, the overall rating of the product based on their site is more than 4.

On the other hand, if you are going to base the reviews and the product rating on other websites, you will see that the product has received different reviews from the users. Some users said that the product was effective. In contrary, others said that the product was able to contribute added benefits like stronger nails, and thicker eyelashes and eyebrows.

Some users did not like the product they said that they would not recommend it to their family and friends. They said that their hair did not grow longer nor healthier. They stated that their beard and armpit and leg hair also grew longer. There were others who experienced skin irritation and upset stomach.

The Pros and Cons


  • AminoMar
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • Safe for pescetarian vegetarian


  • The FDA did not evaluate the product
  • Produces Bad Smell
  • Undesirable hair growth in some areas of the body
  • Presence of allergen
  • Not suitable for vegetarians or vegans


The manufacturers forewarned that their product is not for pregnant and breastfeeding women. It is also not children and teenagers under 18.

Due to the varying opinions of the users, it is better if you look for a better anti-hair loss dietary supplement. The first reason is the price wherein the price is too high for you to take the risk just to see if the product will work for you. Also, the manufacturer also stated that results of their product might vary from one person to another. Moreover, the dietary supplement is not FDA approved.

The second reason is the questionable source of the product’s ingredients. It is mentioned that their product contains shark cartilage. If you’re going to be critical to the product, you have to ask, “Where do these shark cartilage come from?” “Do they kill sharks for their cartilage?”

If you are an environmentalist and animal-lover, you have to think twice about purchasing this dietary supplement.


It is unknown if the product is 100 percent effective or not. It might have worked for some people, but it also has not worked for some. Also, this supplement is not FDA approved, and the manufacturer has also claimed that their product does not work for everyone. For this reason, it is wiser to purchase the anti-hair loss supplement that is better and safer than Viviscal.


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