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Regenepure Men’s Precision Minoxidil Spray

Let’s face it, no matter what kind of hair you have, you will certainly encounter a hair problem even at just one point in your life. These problems can range from having gray hairs to hair loss.

As people, especially men, get older, they are likely to lose more hair compared to the time when they were younger.
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The Cause of Hair Loss

Our hair undergoes a normal cycle of growth. The so-called anagen phase normally lasts 2 to 6 years, or even longer. At this stage, the hair typically grows until it reaches the telogen phase where the hair rests and, by its end, falls out and is replaced by new hair. It becomes a normal occurrence for an average person to lose 50–100 strands of hair every day. Once it exceeds that range, it can be perceived as a hair loss problem.

The person who loses hair that much would wonder what the possible causes are; perhaps it can be some diseases or may be due to some medications that cause his hair to fall excessively.

The truth is there are so many possible reasons why hair falls out excessively. For instance, those who have alopecia areata can lose hair on their scalp and other parts of the body. In some cases, hair loss can be attributed to the use of certain medications like antidepressants, retinoids, NSAIDs, thinners, hormonal and birth control treatments, pills for hypertension, chemotherapy, and radiation.

Others attribute hair loss to surgery or those who have undergone severe infections, severe stress, and hormonal problems. Hair loss may also be caused by problems with a person’s thyroid glands, such as when it is overactive (hyperthyroidism) or when it is underactive (hypothyroidism), or when a person has an autoimmune disease like lupus or has contracted fungal infections on his/her scalp. Some may be due to exposure or contact with chemicals like arsenic, boron, and thallium. Women can also experience abnormal hair loss during pregnancy and after giving childbirth. Moreover, it can be caused by a known disorder, such as trichotillomania of compulsive pulling out of one’s hairs in the head or other parts of the body.

Excessive Hair Loss Can Be Alarming

Beyond the normal daily hair, loss range could signify tendency to grow patches on the scalp, a receding hairline, or an indication of blindness. Its occurrence may be sudden and may come in large quantities of hair, thus becoming a serious problem.

The causes could be many, such as blow-drying, straightening, highlighting, and perming regularly.

Excessive styling and heat can cause split ends, which occurs when the protective outermost layer of the hair (the cuticle) is damaged and peels back. Most people resort to hair moisturizers and conditioning to keep their hair from dying.

Hair loss can be alarming if not attended promptly. If it can be traced to a certain kind of medication, discontinuing the use of a drug could prevent further damage.

One can opt for a hair transplant to replace their hair. Some others take medications in the form of pills and injectable cortisone to regrow their hair.

Some others try on hair solutions for their hair loss problems like Regenepure Men’s Precision Minoxidil that comes with a spray for its application.

What Is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil was initially introduced as a medication for the treatment of hypertension. Despite its potent effect as a hypertensive drug, Minoxidil can have serious side effects on some patients leading to pericardial effusion or having excess fluid in the heart and may eventually advance to angina pectoris to myocardial infarctions or heart attacks.

While Minoxidil is known as a medication to promote the growth of hair, the same adverse effects can occur when used without caution.

Minoxidil for hair growth works almost the same way as when it is taken orally.

The chemical component that Minoxidil has is a known potassium channel opener to polarize cell membranes in a fast and active manner thereby allowing more oxygen and blood as well as nutrients to the follicles thereby stimulating hair growth. Once it does, these follicles shed off and are replaced by thicker strands.

Minoxidil is said to be less effective when it is used for hair loss at a higher level. The use of Minoxidil has proven to be more effective only when hair loss is detected at an early stage. This is why the use of Minoxidil for hair regrowth has proven to be more effective with younger men who experienced hair loss than men who have hair loss in an advanced stage.

Minoxidil normally comes in 2% and 5% solutions. While there is no concrete evidence linking the effects of Minoxidil in hair regrowth, the 5% solution is more effective than 2%. The 5% concentration of Minoxidil is ideally for men, while 2% is prescribed for women.

Higher concentrations of Minoxidil can be prepared as solutions, but its users must remember that the skin cannot easily absorb Minoxidil thereby increasing the likelihood of systemic absorption of the drug.

  • Regenepure Men’s Precision 5% Minoxidil Spray

Regenepure Men’s Precision is a hair regrowth product that is specially formulated for men. It has a fine mist applicator that ensures a clean and targeted application of Minoxidil without creating a mess or a need for cleanup.

Regenepure Men’s Precision 5% has a fine mist applicator for easy targeting of patches or bald areas in the scalp. The spray also provides the scalp with its needed oxygen and nutrients that stimulate hair growth.

To get the best results from Regenepure Men’s Precision, the product should only be applied to the scalp twice daily.

Reviews on Regenepure

Regenepure has reaped many positive feedbacks from its customers; most of them say that the product is good. Customers have rated the product as much as 4–5 stars.

However, some only gave it a 2- or 3-star rating. Some say it is just like any other hair regrowth formulations except for the sprayer. Some even say that the sprayer does not work, and at times, instead of creating a mist, it merely jets out from the bottle. Some would rather switch to other products with squeeze drop applicator.

Other users find it more oily than other hair growth products. Other customers want more dramatic results and have not seen any improvement. However, they are still patient enough to wait until they use up the contents of the bottle of Regenepure that they bought.

Some other customers complained about itching, so they have to use the shampoo and conditioner. One product customer said that with its price, the product is expensive when as compared to the generic 5% Minoxidil brands.  It seemed that Regenepure only has its sprayer as its distinct feature.


Hair growth products rely on Minoxidil as the main ingredient in its formulation. There may be different brands in the market. However, the solution is practically almost the same except for somewhere Minoxidil is combined with herbal solutions or with some inhibitors.

While it is easy to use with its spray nozzle, not all sprayers of Regenepure works perfectly. Shipping and handling the product are also another disappointment for some customers who received the product with seal broken and its contents spilled out.

And while it is sold without a prescription, caution should also be made on the right Minoxidil content for its users: 5% of men and 2% for women. Any amount of the same component may be unsafe.


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