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Many people are facing the problem of hair loss all over the world. The reasons for this condition are many, but the common ones are improper hair care, stress, vitamin deficiencies, excessive intake of medications, and genetics. A person can also experience severe hair fall by irresponsible experimentation with the hair, which involves the use of various coloring and chemicals to the hair.

Both men and women can suffer from loss of hair. If it is accompanied by an itchy scalp, it even aggravates the frustrations. The good news is, if the hair loss is brought on by an itchy scalp, then it may be a temporary condition. If the right hair care treatment is applied, you can see your hair growing back again. For most people, using the right shampoo is enough to treat the hair loss.

You can find shampoos out there that are effective in decreasing hair loss. These shampoos contain herbal ingredients like jojoba oil and aloe vera, which are helpful in promoting proper hair growth. These shampoos eliminate the DHT (dihydrotestosterone) on the scalp that is the primary factor in causing hair loss when it is combined with other enzymes on the head.

If you are looking for the most suitable shampoo for your hair, either to increase the hair growth or to maintain the thickness of your hair, there are many shampoos available on the market. With regards to choosing the best hair loss shampoo, Alpecin Caffeine shampoo has stirred a lot of discussions for people who have already used the product. It has mixed reviews on the Internet that those who are looking for the best hair loss shampoo end up confused and disappointed.

What Is Alpecin Shampoo?

It comes with two bottles of Alpecin shampoo. Caffeine is its active ingredient, which is said to prevent the roots of the hair from becoming prematurely dormant. It also helps promote hair growth and minimize hair thinning. The product instructs users to leave this shampoo for a few minutes on the hair before rinsing it off. During the process, the caffeine penetrates the hair shaft and runs through the roots. The result is to make hair thicker and treat hair loss.

One thing about these caffeine-based shampoos like Alpecin is that they do not really address the problem, which is hair loss. Using the shampoo will only provide you with a temporary effect of making the hair look fuller. It is because there are several ingredients in the shampoo that saturates the hair, thus causing it to appear thicker. However, when it comes to the actual hair growing and hair thickening, it has not proven to be effective. In fact, it could cause inflammation and just worsen the condition.

As mentioned before, the Alpecin shampoo tends to make the hair fuller, but this is because of the oils included in the ingredients that help make the hair look fuller. For the same reason, the oils make the hair dry. For some people, the oil in the shampoo will intentionally lock the hair, preventing any moisturizing treatment or supplement from the conditioner to penetrate the hair strand. In the case of hair loss, this is not a good thing.

Let us look at the positive and negative aspects of the Alpecin caffeine shampoo:


• A shampoo that smells fresh
• Leaves the scalp clean
• Available in many parts of the world
• Inexpensive


• Does not stop the thinning of the hair
• The alopecia becomes more visible
• The caffeine ingredient does not help at all

As for customer reviews, Alpecin shampoo is not getting the love it should have gotten for its claim. One user of Alpecin shampoo asked if it is supposed to make the hair shed out at first few uses. She said she was shedding a lot of hair upon the first tries and she was torn whether she continues using Alpecin to get the desired result or never again.

Another user said he has been using the Alpecin shampoo for two months and he noticed that his scalp had become oilier. He also notices that his scalp is itchy if he skips using the shampoo even for a day. Although his scalp is cleaner because he now uses Alpecin every day to prevent itchiness. But the falling of hair is still there.

Because of this, the review he gave was negative. He thought the Alpecin shampoo did not really help with his hair loss problem. He also thinks caffeine cannot fix the thinning of his hair, and reasoned if that is the case, coffee drinkers should have more hair growth than those who use a coffee-based shampoo.

The Verdict

If Alpecin gives someone an itchy scalp, we shouldn’t discount the fact that it could have been a reaction to a user’s diet, lifestyle, or grooming habits. Along with the hair styling products, hair coloring, and chemical treatments that you subject your hair to, shampoo is not enough to reverse the effects of hair loss.

The best thing to do if you want to see your hair grow back is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Consuming a vitamin-rich diet, along with the use of the shampoo, might help with slowing the hair loss. You can also take hair vitamins like Biotin to encourage healthy hair growth. If you do decide to use Alpecin, do, talk to a hair loss specialist first and ask for his advice on the shampoo. You can also consult with your doctor about any operations like a hair transplant or a weave should you want immediate results.

It is essential to carefully check the shampoo you are using, and do not hesitate to change it if it does not give the results you need. In all probability, Alpecin caffeine shampoo might cause more harm than good to your scalp because of the ingredients. Now is the time to look for another one If you want to have thick and healthy hair again, do switch to a hair loss brand that’s safe for your use. Look for the right shampoo that efficiently removes the waxy elements on your hair follicles. A clarifying shampoo should also be able to stimulate the circulation of the blood in your scalp and increase hair growth.


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  1. I would love to try this shampoo. The pros of this shampoo are great. I love a shampoo that will really clean and think that it is great that it smells so good. And I am always watching my money, so inexpensive is good for me.

  2. I have seen this a lot on television commercials recently and now on this article for review. It sounds promising and have been meaning to try this product out and may just do that now I have found this review it sounds ideal for me. All the right ingredients and is really unique.

    I know someone who uses this product and even they said its made them feel more confident with their hair. They said it cleans their hair really well and most times after using this they feel their hair seems to feel thicker. So yeah seems a good product that I am willing to give ago.

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