Product Review for DS Labs Revita Shampoo

Brief Product Summary

DS Labs Revita Shampoo is a hair stimulating shampoo that is designed to encourage hair regrowth while it protects existing hair from thinning or falling out. Unlike other hair growth shampoos, this one works for both men and women.

It provides the scalp and hair with the necessary amino acids which strengthen the hair shaft, resulting in enhanced hair growth.

This product also contains antioxidants and other anti-inflammatory ingredients which protect the hair from chemicals and pollutants that can damage the hair.
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What’s in the Box?

1x DS Labs Revita Shampoo 31.3 Ounce

Product Features & Technical Details

  • Free from sodium laureth sulphate
  • Prevents hair from thinning
  • Encourages hair growth

There are millions of shampoos all claiming to have the ability to free your head from hair fall. So far, they have yet to prove their claim. So, how do you know that this isn’t one of those empty promises?

It all lies in the ingredients used in that specific shampoo. This one contains ingredients proven to free you from hair fall. These are the ingredient that distinguishes it from others:

  1. Copper peptide

If you did your research before deciding to hunt for a hair loss shampoo, then you’d notice by now that it has earned plenty of acknowledgments from the hair loss community.

But what is copper peptide anyway?

As you can see from its name, it contains copper and peptide, which is three amino acids linked together.

So, what’s so important about them?

Based on initial research, the copper peptide has the ability to heal and rejuvenate the body. As cool as that may sound, it still doesn’t say anything about what it can do for hair loss.

The copper peptide can stimulate hair growth in numerous ways. You can apply the copper peptide on the scalp topically, and it will stimulate growth. On top of that, the copper peptide has also been proven many times before to give better results for hair transplants. There are also certain tests proving that copper peptide can be a better alternative in curing androgenic alopecia than minoxidil. If that hasn’t convinced you yet, there are certain tests proving that copper peptide plays a role in the hair growth of humans and animals alike.

  1. Alpha Hydroxy Acid

Nobody is comfortable putting something that ends in ‘acid’ into their hair, but you might want to make an exception for this one. Technically, Alpha Hydroxy Acid for the rejuvenation of the skin. However, it can be a useful remedy for hair loss too.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid has the ability to protect your hair from breakage since it can create some sort of lubricity for the hair, which allows the hair to get untangled easily, plus it can even protect your hair from styling tools.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

There were many customers applauding this product for its efficacy. They said that the moment that they started using this product was the moment that their hair started experiencing change. It became smoother, thicker, longer and easier to manage.

However, there were also users that didn’t see the effect at all. Some of them said that they used this product for over a month with no results. There were also a few who said that using this product made their situation a lot worse, adding that the moment they used this product, their scalp began showing even more.

Pros of the Product

  • It regrows your hair

People’s hair is usually pretty healthy until they reach the age of 30 wherein their hair starts losing its old shine and volume. Hair starts falling out from time to time. With that, it helps to know that there is something to turn to in order to regrow that lost hair. For most people, DS Labs Revita Shampoo.

  • It slows down the hair loss process

It can be devastating to see your hair thinning out. With that, the good thing about DS Labs Revita Shampoo is that you get to lessen those hairs falling out of your head. This shampoo makes use of high-end hair technology that can slow down the hair cycle, which means slowing down hair loss too.

Cons of this Product

  • It’s only a maintenance

If you’re expecting that one of these days this shampoo is finally going to rid you of all your hair fall problems, then you are mistaken. The only way for this shampoo to take effect is if you keep on using it, not just for a month or so, but for as long as you want to keep the changes. The moment you stop using it, and then you can bet that this thing is going to lose effect, and you’re going to go back to where you started.

  • Continuous use can cost a fortune

There is nothing wrong with spending money for the sake of looking good. However, you might want to use your money wisely. If you’re just going to spend loads of cash on hair maintenance, then it would be a much better idea to use that amount of money so that you can completely cure your hair loss problems.

  • Efficacy isn’t universal

There are a number of people applauding this product for the help it has given them. However, you shouldn’t forget that there are also people who used it and didn’t see the results. There were even users who thought that it made their problem a lot worse. So, here’s a suggestion. You might want to do some background research regarding your hair type and the chemicals used in this product.

Who Should Buy This Product?

This product is recommended for people who are only experiencing mild hair loss. For mild conditions, this shampoo can help lessen hair fall and bring back lost hair. However, if you’re one who is trying to cure your baldness, then this wouldn’t be the product for you.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Overall, this is an average product because even though it is effective in lessening hair fall, it still remains to be a tool for maintenance. It doesn’t do anything to cure hair loss or baldness completely.

The key to thick and dense hair is to keep the scalp healthy. With that, it is recommended that you go for products that provide your scalp the necessary nutrients to be healthy, and not just chemicals that will do nothing but temporarily thicken your hair.


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  1. I am assuming that this shampoo is relatively expensive. How much does a bottle of this run? I typically shampoo my hair every other day. So a bottle should last a while I would think.

  2. Yes, I noticed the price a while ago when I search this product but what I have read about it addresses thinning and support restoration Deploys natural cleansers. It may cost a bit more than other products but it is worth it in the long run as I hear a lot about this product and I am willing to give products a try. Anything to help volume to hair and to stimulate growth.

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