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Three types of hair transplants

Hair loss is something that occurs in millions of people worldwide. Between men and women, it is men who suffer the most from hair loss. There are many causes for hair loss like hormonal changes, family history, aging and mental or physical trauma. Though hair transplant cost is rather high, it is the most effective form of hair restoration.

With hair transplantation, hair from some parts of the scalp where there is healthy growth of hair is transplanted to the bald area. The parts of the scalp that are bald resistant are usually the sides and back of the head.

The transplanted hair will grow throughout your life, as this hair is basically genetically resistant to growing bald. It is better to transplant a few hairs per session as this will make your hairstyle look much natural. The reason for this is that human hair has a tendency of growing one to four strands of hair in a group of follicle.

Three types of hair transplants

Hair transplants can be done in three methods; Follicular Unit Strip Surgery, Follicular Unit Extraction and Scalp Reduction. In Follicular Unit Strip Surgery, a strip of hair is taken from the donor region, and implanted in the thinning area. The donor area is then sutured close.

The area heals after a few days’ time. This hair transplant procedure is great for hair restoration in average to extreme balding cases as it permits numerous grafts in a single session. The Follicular Unit Extraction procedure is a relatively new and more popular option.

Here one to four strands of hair are transplanted from the back and the sides of your head, as this is how hair naturally grows. And it is because of this natural form of hair growth that this form of hair transplant looks more natural. Another benefit of this hair transplant option is that it does not involve major and deep cuttings, so recovery time is shorter while the possibility of any scars arising is fewer.

Scalp reduction is not so popular an option

Scalp reduction is a hair transplant procedure that is seldom performed. Here the bald area is removed surgically after which the hair bearing part of the scalp is stretched to replace the portion of the scalp that is removed. This hair transplant cost is very high and there is a possibility of the tightening and thinning of the scalp.

Whichever hair transplant you choose, remember that the prior coverage you had will not be brought back with the transplant. All that is achieved is that your scalp tends to become fuller, and tends to cover the thinning areas. And as with any surgery, there are a percentage of risks and complications associated with hair transplants.

There is a chance of the death of the skin graft used in the transplant or small bumps may form on the scalp. This is why it is better and safer to do your hair transplant through a qualified doctor, and to understand the whole process before considering going for a hair transplant.

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